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What Are Cryptocurrency Advantages And Disadvantages

early March, since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies went out of business or finally took steps to reduce their workers. This makes everyone angry, seeing the reality with this pandemic it will be much more difficult to make money.

Seeing the economy slumping at this time, people are now starting to switch again to how to play to make money through investment. Making money through this investment used to be popular among everyone, but because some people think that making money through this investment is not getting results, the interest has finally decreased.

Now people are starting to do business with various types of investments ranging from playing stocks, saving gold, following mutual funds, and investing in crypto. Have you ever heard of investing with crypto or cryptocurrencies? Or maybe it’s your first time hearing it?

Get to know Crypto or Cryptocurrency Investment

What is this crypto? Is this the type of model latest? The answer is no, because cryptocurrencies or people used to abbreviate crypto have long been present in this investment game, but why many people don’t know because this crypto must be studied more deeply when starting to invest.
So this crypto is a digital or virtual currency tool that is guaranteed by cryptography. Crypto guaranteed by this cryptography will make this digital money difficult to duplicate, counterfeit, or manipulate the nominal amount. An example of this very popular crypto is Bitcoin.
When you hear the word Bitcoin, you must have heard it often, right, people shop at digital stores or e-commerce pay using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the cryptos, for others there are many other types of crypto such as Dogecoin, EOS, Ripple, Litecoin and so on.

Things to Look for in Cryptocurrency Investing

There are several things you can know about this crypto investment, that this crypto is digital or virtual money so that you can only shop using this crypto via the internet only or shop at digital stores. If you are asking if crypto can be turned into real money, the answer is yes.
To convert crypto currency into real money, you can sell the crypto you have, then from there you can ask the person who bought your crypto for real money. Transactions in crypto investments are called peer-to-peer.
One other thing that you also have to understand to start investing with crypto is that this cryptocurrency has its own level of fluctuation, so don’t look at currency fluctuations in the world. Fluctuations in this crypto currency are unpredictable, sometimes they can be very expensive but can fall.
However, even though the level of fluctuation of this cryptocurrency cannot be predicted, you can learn it by combining playing stocks, where to see buying opportunities and seeing opportunities to trade. With the level of fluctuations that are not directed, as a result many countries still do not recommend crypto.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Investment

For those of you who have been involved in crypto investing or you are still a beginner and want to try, you should read the advantages and disadvantages of crypto. The purpose of you reading these advantages and disadvantages so that you can be more careful in starting to invest.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies
For those of you who want to start investing with crypto, here are the advantages of cryptocurrencies.
Crypto is universal, so you can buy things in digital stores from any country using crypto without having to convert it first.
This crypto is very transparent, the point here is for you to use or get this crypto, all data is there and you can access it.
You can manage your own crypto, so you can be responsible for your own.
Transactions with crypto very fast, whether you make transactions between people or you make transactions to digital stores.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies

Those of you who have started playing crypto investing or are just starting to play, it’s a good idea to understand the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies.
Quite a number of people are starting to learn cryptography in order to be able to manipulate this crypto so that there can be crime in it.
Many countries still do not recognize cryptocurrencies due to undirected fluctuations.
It’s easy for you to forget things, if you forget your crypto account then all the crypto that you have collected is lost.

That’s an explanation of cryptocurrency and an explanation of its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, reading this article can be used as a guide for you to start investing in crypto and stay careful of scams.