Want to Become an Advocate? These are the requirements for the newest advocate 2022
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Want to Become an Advocate? These are the requirements for the newest advocate 2022

Requirements to Become an Advocate – There are four pillars of support in Indonesian law. Police as investigators, prosecutors act as prosecutors. Courts as legal makers, then advocates as legal advisers. These four must be fulfilled so that there is no inequality in the law.

Requirements to become the newest advocate

After knowing what and how advocates carry out their duties. Now is the time to discuss what are the requirements to become the newest advocate. Based on Law number 18 of 2003 concerning advocates, it explains the requirements to become an advocate.

Following PKPA

PKPA or Special Education for the Advocate Profession is the main requirement, a Bachelor of Law can become an advocate. This activity is monitored and coordinated by an advocate organization, which refers to Articles 10 and 11 of Peradi regulation no. 3 of 2006 concerning the Implementation of Advocate Professional Education, law graduates must fulfill several things, such as:

Filling out the registration formIncludes 1 photocopy Legal education background (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Sharia, College of Military Law, College of Police Science) Don’t forget that the diploma must have been legalized. Include 3 color photos with a size of 4 × 6 Paying the fees determined by PKPA, proof of payment must be included at the time filing. Willing to comply with learning rules, one of which is willing to take part in activities at least 80% of the entire session.

After participating in a series of activities, prospective advocates will get a PKPA certificate.

Take the UPA (Professional Advocate Exam)

Furthermore, prospective advocates must take the Advocate Profession Examination or UPA. This exam activity is carried out by the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). The requirements for taking this exam include:

1.Indonesian Citizens Fill in the registration form,
photocopy of ID card,
photocopy of proof of payment of exam fees,
4 pieces of 3×4 color photographs,legalized copy of S1 diploma,photocopy of certificate of participation PKPA.
5.For prospective advocates who are declared to have passed, they will get a UPA graduation certificate.

Minimum of two consecutive years participating in an internship at an advocate’s office

Yes, prospective advocates must attend an internship at an advocate’s office for at least 2 years. Internships can be carried out in several lawyers’ offices, of course there should be no pause during the internship period. So, it must be done continuously in the period of 2 years.

The following are some of the documents that must be submitted to PERADI as a requirement for an internship at an advocate’s office:

include a statement letter issued by the Advocate’s Office, a report on the acceptance of prospective internship advocates, attach a photocopy of ID card, and include a color photo with sizes 2×3 and 3×4, each totaling 3 sheets, making a statement letter for non-civil servants, members of the TNI/Police, a legalized copy of a bachelor’s degree certificate (higher education background) law) photocopy of PKPA and UPA certificates, photocopy of KTPA (advocates identification card) leading advocates and accompanying advocates, certificates from the office Prospective advocates who have worked and participated in the handling of cases, must include a case handling report of at least 3 criminal cases and 6 civil cases.

Appointment and Oath

Next, prospective advocates who have met the requirements above will be officially appointed as advocates. However, they have not been able to carry out their profession as advocates before taking the advocate oath.

The advocate’s oath has been regulated in article 4 paragraph (1])– paragraph (3) of the Advocates Law. When pronouncing an advocate, they are required to wear an advocate gown which is based on the Decree of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No. M.07.UM.0106 Year 1983 Date : December 16, 1983

Prospective advocates who have been appointed and sworn to become advocates will become members of the advocate organization. Their names will be listed in the member register book, with the membership number. They will also be given a badge and can carry out the profession of advocate legally some info about the requirements to become an advocate, may be useful.