Top 10 Best & Easy Online Borrowing Apps on Android

Top 10 Best & Easy Online Borrowing Apps on Android

It is undeniable that people’s need for cash is now getting higher. One of the solutions offered for this need is to apply for a loan through a bank. Along with the times, now borrowing money can be done online.
The online loan application on Android is certainly considered easier because we do not need to provide guarantees and hold meetings in person. Moreover, the requirements for applying for a loan are not so complicated.
Well, if you plan to apply for a money loan online, here YaTekno has 10 choices of the best online money lending applications on Android that are easy to use. Check it out!

10 Best Online Borrowing Apps 2022

1. TUNAIKU – Unsecured Online Money Loans (KTA)

Officially launched in 2014, Tunaiku is a superior product from Amar Bank, a bank from Surabaya that has been present in Indonesia since 1991. Through this application, you can borrow money from a nominal value of 2 million to 20 million in an adjustable loan duration, which is between 6 to 20 months.
Before starting to borrow money, you must fill out an online loan form, approval, contract, after that the money you need is ready to be disbursed into your account. For how to return it is quite easy, Tunaiku will later send a Virtual account number if the loan has been approved.
Unlike most online borrowing money applications, this application with more than 500 thousand downloads has fairly easy requirements. Borrowers only need an ID card, over 21 years of age, Indonesian citizen status, have a bank account, and have permanent and contract employees as well as self-employed.

2. KTA KILAT – Borrow Money Fast like Lightning

The next best easy-to-use online loan application is KTA KILAT. The loan requirements are also quite easy, where all you need is an Identity Card (KTP) and complete the loan data form correctly.
Only in about 5 minutes, you can apply for a loan with the amount of loan funds according to your needs.
For loan payments, KTA KILAT provides various payment options to make it easier for users, starting from BCA, Mandiri, Permata and other banks, or through minimarkets such as Alfamart, Alfamidi, or using the online cash e-wallet Doku.

3. TangBull – Secure & Fast Money Loans

If you are currently more than 21 years old, have a cellphone number, ID card, and have a stable income, you are allowed to apply for a loan at TangBull. It only takes 15 minutes, the loan application you need will immediately be disbursed into your bank account.
On the other hand, TangBull also provides quite complete payment options, ranging from Doku e-wallet, Minimarket, to Bank Transfer.
One of the advantages of this online loan application is that it has a comfortable and easy to use appearance and features. Even better, the app also provides a feature to remind the time of payment every month directly through the application.

4. RupiahPlus – Money Loan

Need a loan but still under 21 years of age? No need to worry, RupiahPlus can be the right solution for you because it allows borrowers with a minimum requirement of 18 years.
Other requirements include having an ID card, mobile phone number, and working (employee or self-employed). For the amount of interest itself, the application under the auspices of PT. Digital Synergy Technology only charges 7% interest.
For example, if you apply for a 600,000 loan (7%), then at the maturity date you have to pay 600,000 * (1 + 7%) = 642,000. It’s not that big, is it?
Regarding loan repayments, RupiahPlus will later remind you to return the loan one day before the due date. And you can pay via Alfamart or ATM, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking.

5. VLoans – Fast Fund

Through efficient mobile internet technology and financial experience, VLoan creates a professional, safe, fast, and reliable loan service to solve short-term financial needs.
VLoan offers money loans with easy terms and fast disbursement in just 4 steps. The 4 steps in question start from downloading the application » 5 minutes for data filling » waiting for a review » and you will receive the funds.
The loan amounts that can be selected include Rp. 600,000/Rp. 1,200,000. Meanwhile, for the payment cycle, PT VCard Technology Indonesia provides a 7-day or 14-day cycle with very low interest rates.

6. Qreditku – Online Unsecured Money Loans

If you are 18 years old or older, have a mobile number, and have a steady income, you can apply for a loan to Qreditku, the minimum is 1 million rupiah and the highest is 10 million rupiah.
But wait, the amount What you can apply for will depend on how good your credit score is. If the application has been received, all you have to do is determine the loan amount, the duration of the loan, and see how much interest must be paid later when it is due.

7. TunaiKita – Short Term Cash Loans & Installments

Having successfully processed more than Rp 46 trillion in loans since 2014, TunaiKita is certainly one of the best and most trusted online money lending applications because it has been loved by more than 500 thousand android users.
How to apply for a loan in TunaiKita? First, you need to prepare an ID card and NPWP, then install the application, then proceed to the stage of filling out the loan form. The registration process only takes about 10 minutes at least.
After that, you can immediately apply for a loan with a nominal value of IDR 1-20 million with a flexible tenor with a period of 3 to 6 months. For borrowers who pay on time, TunaiKita will later pay rewards (TK$) which can be disbursed in rupiah.

8. Quick Funds – Fast Money Loans

Fast Funds is a technology-based financial services company that is committed to providing secure and easy-to-use mobile financial services.
In addition to being able to disburse funds quickly, this Android online loan application also has advantages in terms of interest that is not so burdensome. For example, if you choose a 1,000,000 loan with an interest rate of 7, then at maturity you simply pay 1,000,000*(1+7%) = 1,070,000.
Meanwhile, for refunds that you borrow, you can make payments via Bank BCA, Mandiri, BRI, Permata and other banks, or through minimarkets such as Alfamart, or you can also use online cash e-wallet Doku, or pay via Xendit.

9. Smart Credit

By using the Smart Credit application, you can apply for a loan with 3 types of loan options, including: with a period of 3 months for a loan of 2 million, 30 days for a loan of 1 million, and 14 days for a loan of 500 thousand.
Regarding the interest, the borrower is only charged with less than 10% interest. The terms for borrowing money are almost the same as online loan applications on most androids, where the borrower needs an original ID card, fills in all the data exactly like the data on the ID card, and so on.
You can return the funds anywhere, be it via ATM transfer or M-Banking.

10. Borrow Money – Fast Fund Loans

Not much different from other online borrowing money applications, this application also allows you to be able to borrow money online with fairly easy requirements.
The advantages of the products offered by the Borrow Money application include; Installments with very low interest rates of up to 3.5%, long tenors or credit terms, ranging from 62 days to 104 days, and many more.

Well, that’s a row of the best online borrowing money applications on Android that allow you to borrow money for various needs, such as business capital and various other urgent needs.