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Tips for Choosing Health Insurance, Ask These 10 Questions

Some people feel confused about how to choose health insurance. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 questions you should consider.

1. What is the type of insurance like?

Need to find out if health insurance is in the form of indemnity or a managed care system. If the type of insurance is in the form of compensation, you only need to pay a percentage of medical costs, and the insurance company pays the remaining percentage and you are also allowed to choose your own doctor.
However, if the insurance is in the form of maintenance, usually in the form of a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO), you will need to pay a minimal fee. With an HMO, you will pay a flat monthly fee for health care services, but you can only go to a doctor who has worked with the HMO. Through PPO, you will get a discount if you use the doctor. You can go to a doctor outside of the PPO system, but you will incur additional fees.

2. How much does it cost do I have to pay for medical treatment?

Need to find out the amount of insurance premiums. Next, ask if you will be charged collectively, the fee will remain small, for health care services.
Some plans have a deduction, which is the amount to be paid before the policy and will cover any medical expenses. Find out about this, and find out what percentage of the cost the insurance will cover if it meets the deductible.

3: Can I use a doctor in this hospital?

It is necessary to ask about the limitations in choosing a doctor or hospital. Ask for a list of doctors and hospitals covered by the insurance to decide if this insurance will be right for you.

4: What are the benefits of this insurance?

Ask if this insurance package includes dental care, eye care, or other special services that you may need. Ask about the prescription medicine too. Ask about the benefits which is not in this insurance package.

5: Are routine checkups included in this health insurance?

You can ask about mammograms, pap tests, immunizations and other routine checkups.

6: Do I need to contact a doctor before getting a referral to the emergency room?

Some insurances require you to contact your doctor first within 24 hours and then be referred to an emergency room at a hospital, or your costs are not covered by insurance.

7: Are there any costs that are not covered under this insurance if you have a fairly chronic condition?

If you or someone in your family has a chronic condition, the policy may not cover medical costs for several months – or forever. Ask for how long the chronic condition can be excluded so that the insurance can still cover the medical costs.

8: What happens if I am away from home?

If you need to go to the doctor while traveling far, then how much will it cost will be covered by insurance? Then how can you get the compensation? Can you be covered if you are abroad? What is the mechanism?

9: Is the insurance company financially stable?

It’s worth finding out how long this company has been in the business landscape. You don’t want to get a very good offer but at a low premium, and you’ll find that you can only see a doctor during certain and limited hours.

10: How does the company handle claims disputes?

Health insurance has a procedure for appealing a denied claim. Some need an arbitrator, or a sufficiently independent person who can listen to both parties and make a decision on the matter. You can ask what is the average settlement time for the company to resolve the claim dispute.