Life Insurance Products for Health

The Importance of Having Life Insurance Products for Health & Personal Protection

The pandemic period which has lasted for almost two years has increased the awareness of the Indonesian people about the need for insurance.

Life Insurance Company Allianz Indonesia provides continuing education services for insurance company products, both traditional insurance products and insurance products linked to investment (Paydi), so that people can better understand insurance solutions according to their needs. .

 Understand insurance and its requirements

Educational services and information about this insurance should be understandable not only by some people who do not receive insurance products, but also for customers who are registered for insurance products to assess whether the insurance coverage is relevant to their needs. And much more. It’s time to adapt to changing circumstances and family needs.

According to Karen Head of Marketing Allianz Life Indonesia said: “As an insurance company, Allianz Life is committed to providing A-Z protection solutions that meet the various needs of Indonesian customers. This is our ability because we offer insurance protection to more Indonesians. We continue to implement many activities and trainings. so that more people understand insurance products before and after buying them. Existing customers should pay attention to the contents of existing policies and review policies. The right insurance products can offer the best features and benefits and help customers achieve their financial goals.

According to the AAJI Q4 2021 report, PAYDI accounts for 62.9% of the total premium income of the life insurance industry in Indonesia. PAYDI PREMIUM INCOME AND EXPERIENCE 6.4% per year. In addition, PAYDI represents 93.1% of Allianz Life Indonesia’s total premium income. This indicator is up 12.7% year over year.

The number of claims as well as the general interest in co-life insurance remains high.

Purpose of getting insurance

Allianz Life Indonesia is active in providing information and education services about Paydi or also known as unit related life insurance, mainly because this product has benefits including protection and investment.

This is intended so that the public better understands the need for insurance protection and its risk profile so that they can choose or choose the products and benefits that best suit their needs.

“The main purpose of unit life insurance is to protect the insured, so there are parts of investing that clients need to understand. What clients need to know. Determine the financial goals they want to achieve, how long it will take them to achieve them, and the risks they will face. After that, the customer can choose the toolbox that matches the analysis results.