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Saxo Forex : Profiles and Reviews of the Best Brokers

Saxo Broker Profile Review in Indonesia

Saxo Forex. Maybe many of the senior traders are familiar with Saxo Forex, but many beginners are still confused about its origins. Where is the broker from, is it reliable?

Then how about the review and profile of Saxo forex? Can we use it as one of the best trading platforms in Indonesia? Can we trust it to withdraw and start trading?

For that on this occasion we will explain about what Saxo Forex is. Please note, that this broker was founded earlier than FBS! Check out the full review below.

Saxo Forex Profile

Saxo Forex started as a brokerage business that has been around for a very long time, since 1992 in Denmark to be exact. The brokerage business is called Saxobank. The company then developed and penetrated the banking business as well as expanding into the world of online forex trading internationally.

The official company is called SAXO Markets, they offer trading that has been known as one of the best brokers in the world. The proof is that they have won many awards and their platform has also been used by global institutions such as Microsoft, Barclays Stockbrokers Ltd, and even TD Waterhouse.

Saxobank not only has a long history of classiness, but they are also registered as a licensed Market Maker broker under many regulators from around the world. Including the following.

The Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong)The Financial Conduct Authority (UKFinancial Services Agency (Japan)Financial Supervision Authority (Denmark)Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)Spanish Securities Market Commission (Spain)ACP (France)And others

Saxo Forex Broker Review

Then how about the review? Is it good or is it bad? To find out we have to look at the trading conditions at SaxoBank, here are the details.

SaxoBank Broker Advantages

Of course Saxo has many advantages and disadvantages thanks to its very long track record. Among them, namely as follows.

1. Multi Regulation

Saxobank has always managed to maintain its predicate as a leading and world-renowned forex trading service provider. Regulations from many world-renowned financial institutions also prove Saxobank’s commitment to providing the best service to its users.

2. Exclusive Platform

SaxoBank does not use the MetaTrader4 platform, instead they develop their own trading platforms, namely SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO. SaxoTraderGO is for retail and individual traders, while SaxoTraderPRO is made for professional traders, with complex analytic tools and high trading volume.

3. Many Trading Instruments

The advantage of Saxo Forex from Saxobank is that it has tens of thousands of trading instruments, including forex pairs, CFDs, Stocks, Stock Options, ETFs, Futures, Gold, Spot Silver, forex options, and other exchanges. The execution speed is also satisfactory also doubles as a bank.

4. Tier 1 Liquidity

Saxobank brokers also get quotes from tier 1 institutions to provide the best trading execution experience. Their Liquidity Providers also include major banks and market-makers, including ABN AMRO, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and many more.

5. Choice of bona fide accounts

Saxobank broker also provides a wide selection of account types, namely for individuals, corporations, professionals, joint accounts, as well as VIP offers. The minimum deposit is only $500. Of course, the reputation of the prestigious Saxobank broker is unquestionable.

The final word

That’s a little review about the profile of Saxo forex, one of the best brokers in the world and trusted by many traders. So you don’t need to hesitate to choose it to be one of your trading platform references.