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Know the Types of Plane Accident Insurance for and the Risks

There are many of the best aviation accident insurance companies in Indonesia, each of which offers different premiums and benefits. This insurance is important because there is always a risk when we travel by air.

The Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) has clarified that there are two types of insurance that protect passengers during the trip. The types of insurance are aviation insurance (aviation insurance) and accident insurance.

Aviation insurance products cover aircraft damage and flight liability. In addition, crew accidents include passengers and crew members while on duty on the aircraft.

The general guarantee in aviation insurance is loss or damage to the aircraft which is the responsibility of the insured. This insurance also covers liability to third parties for property damage and bodily injury due to the operation of the aircraft.


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Aviation Accident Insurance refers to the international agreement contained in the Motor Vehicle Agreement. The negotiated agreement has been approved by the Government of Indonesia and Transport Company Regulation No. 2011 in relation to the obligations of airlines. 77 became ministers.

The regulation states that passengers who die due to accidents or accidents during flights are only related to air transportation. It was decided to pay compensation of Rp 1.25 billion per passenger.

Meanwhile, if he dies while leaving the plane’s waiting room or getting off the plane at the terminal, compensation of Rs 500 million per passenger will be given. Passengers who are declared disabled by a doctor will be compensated within 60 days after the accident. 1.25 billion will receive a certain amount.

According to AAUI records, there are about 14 general insurance companies that issue aviation insurance policies. Such as insurance companies or mutual insurance. However, only a few companies are active and become the largest.


Aviation accident insurance

Travelers can also purchase personal accident insurance for their private flights. Thus, insurance coverage also provides compensation for losses during transportation.

Having two types of insurance that protects passengers while flying also increases the coverage benefits. Thus, travelers are protected from various threats.

 Conditions for obtaining compensation for air accidents

The accident insurance provisions for compensation claims for air accident victims are described below.

1. Passenger dies

Plane passengers died in plane crash worth Rs. 1.25 billion as compensation In the event of the death of a passenger outside the flight, compensation of IDR 500 million will be given to each passenger.

2. Passengers with permanent disability

Permanent disability is defined as the loss or damage to any part of the body within 60 days after the accident. Passengers with disabilities will be compensated at 1.25 billion per passenger.

3. Partial permanent disability

Partial permanent disability is loss of limb, but not lack of limb function. The compensation is that every plane crash victim is entitled to insurance of one lakh rupees. 150 million.

4. Heir

Any family affected by a plane crash can file a claim directly. The court directs the claim for compensation in addition to the compensation provided for in the lawsuit.


This is a complete explanation of aviation accident insurance. Hope you can explain How important it is to have insurance to protect and cover the risk of a plane crash.