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How to Earn Extra Income from Online Forex Trading

Some Ways to Earn Extra Money from Online Forex Trading – Fresh Wind to increase your income in forex trading: What are the Extra Income You Can Get from Trading Forex?
Deposit bonus for registration or verification
No deposit bonus without verification
Bonus to win present
VIP bonuses.

For example, the FBS bonus program offers fixed rates for traders from Nigeria.

Affiliate Program
Many Forex brokers offer affiliate programs with attractive compensation. The way it works is that you attract clients using a referral link or promo code, and get compensated based on the number of registrations or client funds.


Many brokers offer clients to easily earn additional profits through cashback. Cashback or rebate is the return of the cost of the spread to the client, regardless of the outcome of the transaction. For traders who trade large volumes, additional income in the form of rebates can be in the hundreds of dollars per month. As a rule, the rebate depends on the trading volume. The higher the trading volume, the larger the spread the company returns.

Social Trading

Copy trading or social trading is a unique service that allows professional traders to their signals (trading) with novice traders, thereby making extra money. Passive income is paid in the form of a percentage of profits from those who copy your trades. If the trader is losing, you have nothing to lose. If the trader closes the order with a profit, you get a percentage of the profit, the amount of which you set yourself.

Forex is a field of opportunity that you should take advantage of. Here, you can make money not only from trading knowledge and experience, but also from management and marketing skills. Apart from the above methods, there are other ways to optimize trading, such as fixed spreads or no fees for depositing money in a broker account. These are just a few tips on how you can make money on Forex, and the final decision is yours.