How to Become a Successful Lawyer?

How to Become a Successful Attorney?

How to Become a Lawyer – Hi, this time we will discuss about one of the professions that is quite in demand by many people. If you want to be someone who defends and protects the rights of others as an independent human being, surely you are no stranger to this profession. Yes, a lawyer is a profession that carries out the above activities.

During his tenure, a lawyer is needed for his services to assist clients in obtaining their rights regardless of whether they are guilty or not before the law. Becoming a lawyer is not easy, because in addition to the right to express opinions and defend clients, lawyers must comply with the code of professional ethics. More than that, to become a lawyer must pass certain stages of education and exams.

Well, is getting more and more curious for sure, for that, let’s take a look at the explanation of the article below!

What is the Lawyer’s Profession Like?

What is a lawyer? Indeed, lawyering is a profession with law to provide assistance to individuals with the aim of obtaining their rights in undergoing the applicable legal process.

A lawyer has skills in expressing opinions in public. In addition, in practice a lawyer is required to adhere to the professional code of ethics and legislation. Then the lawyer has an obligation to keep all forms of information and client stories.
The provisions contained in the law are also the basis for a lawyer to carry out his duties. He is not allowed to give different treatment to clients based on religion, race, culture, gender, ethnicity, politics, personal interests, and social background. Therefore, this profession is expected to uphold the principles of justice and honesty.

Meanwhile, to become a lawyer, one must complete his studies in the Department of Law. Then the individual must take special education and successfully pass the professional exam. Until he can be appointed as a lawyer under the existing regulations.

History of the Birth of the Lawyers Profession in Indonesia

The legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the world. Many historians estimate that this profession has existed since the fourth century BC. Precisely during the ancient Athenian Civilization, where at that time many people hired defenders to help him in royal courts.

However, unlike now, in the past, the job of a lawyer was solely as a personal defense. In other words, there is no code of ethics that regulates the flow of practice. In addition, the values ​​held tend to defend one side according to the wages or pay at that time.

Then, the lawyer profession began to be known by many people. Including its relation to the development of the legal process in the world. Indonesia itself has known the lawyer system since the operation of Raad van Justitie and Landard, which is a colonial or Dutch-established judicial institution.

Estimated lawyer occurred in 1847, in accordance with Staatsblad 1847 No. 23 related to Reglement op de Rechterlijke Organisatie En het Beleid der Justitie in Indonesia. Based on these colonial regulations, the lawyer profession began to be known in Indonesia.

Wow, it’s been a long time,this profession exists in Indonesia.

Furthermore, after Indonesia’s independence, the government established a union of lawyers called the Indonesian Advocates Association (PAI). This establishment took place on March 14, 1963, until it experienced development and changed its name to PERADIN.

The name of the advocate union undergoes many changes every year. This is based on new regulations or there are problems behind it. Just as in 1979 it was known as the Legal Service and Counseling Institute (LPPH), then in 1985 the name changed again to the Indonesian Advocates Association (IKADIN) as a new single institution.

As time goes by, stop there, there are many changes in names and the establishment of new organizations that house lawyers in Indonesia. Starting from the names of IKADIN, AAI, IPHI, HAPI, SPI, AKHI, HKHPM, APSI, and others. Finally the government formed a single organization that houses lawyers in Indonesia.

The organization is called PERADI, which is the association of Indonesian advocates. This is based on Law no. 18 of 2003 Article 32 paragraph 4. However, in the future a new problem arose, where some people did not agree with the formation of PERADI, because PERADI was seen as an undemocratic, not transparent, and unaccountable formation.

Until finally the Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI) was held as a form of protest from the formation of PERADI. Both of these organizations in the state have official legality, besides that both are equally recognized, although until now there is still debate between the two in Indonesia.

How to Become a Lawyer in Indonesia

Profession lawyers can not necessarily be realized by anyone. To become a lawyer, there are several steps that you must take. Below, we will discuss the steps to becoming a lawyer.

1. Graduated as a Law Degree

As a lawyer, you need to have in-depth knowledge and knowledge of applicable laws. There’s no way a lawyer doesn’t understand the law. Therefore, a lawyer is required to have completed studies, at least the undergraduate stage, in the law department at the law school.
Law majors are usually divided into several interests or sub majors. Call it military law, criminal law, civil law, Islamic law, constitutional law, and others. To become a lawyer, you can choose one of these sub majors.

2. Taking Advocate Professional Special Education (PKPA)

After obtaining a law degree, you need to take the PKPA. This professional education is usually organized by an advocate organization that in the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi). You can see some of the organizations that are members of Peradi as follows.

Indonesian Bar Association (Ikadin)
Indonesian Advocates Association (AAI)
Indonesian Legal Advisors Association (IPHI)
Association of Indonesian Advocates and Lawyers (HAPI)
Indonesian Bar Association (SPI)
Association of Indonesian Legal Consultants (AKHI)
Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (HKHPM), and
Indonesian Sharia Lawyers Association (APSI).

This special education can generally be taken within two months, depending on each organizer. Educational activities can be carried out on active working days or weekends. This option is certainly intended to make it easier for those of you who are also busy with other activities.

3. Pass the Advocate Exam

After studying, you don’t necessarily become a lawyer. It’s just a school, there needs to be an exam in order to be said to have passed education. Special education, of course, also requires You can be declared to have passed the PKPA, there is an advocate exam that you have to face. The exam given is not just a mere formality. If you don’t study hard, don’t prepare well, and take this exam lightly, you’ll have a hard time doing it.
The exams given can be in the form of objective questions, drafting a power of attorney, drafting a lawsuit for default, or drafting a lawsuit against the law. It all depends on the given case study. Peradi will announce the Advocate Exam on Peradi’s website.

4. Internship at an Advocate’s Office

Eits, be patient. The journey of becoming a lawyer does not end there. Even though you have passed the bar exam, you need to do an internship.
Internship is intended so that you really understand the practice of being a lawyer before actually being released into society as a lawyer. This internship program is carried out continuously for two years in the office During these two years, you will be asked to make a settlement report of four (4) criminal cases and six (6) civil cases.
Prior to internship at an advocate’s office, you need to ensure that there are advocate personnel who have obtained an advocate’s license for a minimum of six (6) years. Don’t let you intern in an office that can’t help your career development. You can download the internship report format on the PERADI website.

5. Taking the Oath

After completing the internship period and being declared graduated, you still need to go through one more stage, namely taking the oath at the High Court in each domicile area. Ideally, the oath is said with full awareness of the heart so that you can practice the oath. The legal profession is very vulnerable to temptations that test your integrity so the oath is expected to keep you committed.
The oath requires you to always maintain your attitude in front of Almighty. First, you are required to uphold and practice Pancasila as the basis of the state and the 1945 Constitution as a guide to running a profession. Second, to ensure oneself from the practice of bribery while studying to become a lawyer.
Third, you are required to be honest, fair, and responsible based on law and justice while providing legal services. Fourth, you promise that in the future you will not practice bribery to win clients. Fifth, you promise that you will maintain the honor, dignity, and responsibility as advocates.
Sixth, you promise that you will not refuse to make a defense in order to provide legal aid services in a case. In fact, you are expected to carry out your obligations to the fullest indiscriminately. Clients who come from the lower, middle, and upper classes must obtain legal services.

Becoming a lawyer is not easy. You are expected to have a high dedication to ethics as a lawyer. Even when the client doesn’t have enough funds to pay you.

After taking the oath, you will receive a Minutes of Oath (BAS) which is valid for life. You are legalized as a lawyer with the BAS. After that, you will get an advocate card for a certain period of time issued by an advocate organization.

Self Qualities to Become a Successful Lawyer

To be a successful lawyer, you need to be a lawyer who excels compared to other lawyers. You can achieve these advantages by honing yourself to have a qualified quality. These qualities can be formed by habits that are carried out consistently and continuously.
Below, we will review what qualities you need to have in order to become a successful lawyer.

1. Enjoy Good Discussion and Argument

Many discussions can train a lawyer’s ability to argue. the more discussions, the more honed your ability to argue. The better your argumentation skills, the better your potential to win the case you handle.
In the trial later, you will have arguments to the lowest point with opposing lawyers on the other side and the judges. Whether you are revealing facts or refuting the opinion of the other party, you will not be able to win if you do not have good argumentative skills. Therefore, it is very important for you to enjoy every discussion you have with anyone.

2. Reliable Negotiation

In the trial, you will make an agreement with all parties involved. Before the deal happens, you will be faced with a bargaining situation. Negotiation skills can be the key to success in this bargaining process.
Before getting into more complicated conditions, you can choose conditions that are not too difficult for you. For example, lose 100% it’s better to lose 60% because the 40% you negotiate makes it easier or easier for the client.

3. Stable Emotions

There were so many emotionally draining moments during the trial. Suppose the argument presented by the opponent is unreasonable and far from fact. Of course this provokes emotions for you and the client.
Having stable emotions can benefit your side. No matter how hard your opponent tries to provoke, expose erroneous data, or make baseless accusations, you stay calm as if unaffected. In the end, they themselves will be ignited if you are emotionally stable.
Not only that, not a few lawyers are deadlocked in handling cases. Pressure from courts, opponents, or clients can invite stress and reduce your ability to think clearly. Therefore, training yourself to have stable emotions is absolutely necessary.

4. Organized

Lots of work and long case, certainly tiring. If you don’t organize your schedule, documents, time, and work well, it will certainly make you overwhelmed. If you are already overwhelmed, you will lose many opportunities to win.
Just like you, the opposing party certainly has a strategy to deal with you. To deal with their strategy, you need to develop an organized strategy. Preparing plan A, plan B, plan C, and other plans shows how mature you are in organizing a case.
In addition, the judges prefer arguments that are presented in a coherent, systematic, and organized manner. Arguments that meet these criteria have a high chance of winning. Therefore, getting used to being organized is very important to do from now on.

5. Patient and Aggressive

You need to have unlimited patience in dealing with civil or criminal cases. Without patience, you will not get problems with a calm heart and a clear mind. You will easily get angry and that is what your opponent is often looking for.
The more angry you are, the more unstable your emotions become. The more unstable your emotions are, the easier it is for your opponent to control you into getting into the situation they want. They could have set a trap for you.
On the other hand, you also need to be aggressive. This attitude is needed to make the opponent in a cornered condition. This aggressiveness doesn’t mean you have to be rude.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that the profession of lawyers is very much needed in helping individuals get their rights in the legal process. Because not all individuals know in depth the legal process that is being undertaken. This is where the lawyer’s job is to protect and enforce one’s rights while balancing the role of the individual in the judiciary.
This is because lawyers can the situation that occurs while ensuring you understand and are directed in the legal process. In addition, the methods above are very useful if you want to become a lawyer, one of which is by meeting the requirements and having the skills described above.
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