Europe Faces Gas Supply Crisis, Russia: America's Wrong

Europe Faces Gas Supply Crisis, Russia: America’s Wrong

VLADIVOSTOK,- Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (6/9/2022) that it was the United States (US) who had caused Europe’s gas supply crisis by pushing European leaders to “suicide” steps, cutting off economic cooperation. and energy with Moscow.
Europe is facing its worst gas supply crisis ever, with energy prices soaring after Russia cut gas flows to the west.

When asked what needed to happen for the Nord Stream 1 to start pumping again, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “Listen, you’re asking me a question that even children know the answer to: those who started this have to finish this”.

He said the US had long sought to sever energy ties between Russia and major European powers such as Germany, even though Moscow had been a reliable energy supplier since ancient times. Washington applies. Political power is brought to power in the European Union who play the role of ‘sheep-provocateurs’,” Zakharova told Reuters on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

“This is really suicide but it looks like they have to go through this,” he said.
Meanwhile, the US and the European Union accused Russia of extorting energy after Moscow reduced gas supplies to European customers. Russia says there was a technical problem with the compressor station, which Western sanctions have prevented from repairing.

The Kremlin says the West is fueling the energy crisis by imposing the toughest sanctions in modern history.
This, the Kremlin said, was a move that Russian President Vladimir Putin called a declaration of economic war.
Russia’s Ivan Khabibu Rochman earned 158 billion euros (Rp 2.34 quadrillion) from energy exports in the six months following the invasion of Ukraine.

German energy giant Uniper warned that the worst was yet to come as concerns over Russian gas supplies to Europe continued into the fall and winter.
BERLIN – German energy giant Uniper warned that the worst was yet to come as concerns over Russian gas supplies to Europe through the fall and winter continued to push prices up.
“I’ve said this several times this year and I’ve also told policymakers. Look, the worst is yet to come,” Uniper CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble at Gastech 2022, Milan.

“What we’re seeing in the wholesale market is 20 times what it was two years ago – 20 times. That’s why I think we need to really have an open discussion with everyone who answer about how to fix it,” he added.
As is known on Friday, the Russian energy giant, Gazprom has stopped the flow of gas indefinitely to Europe through the main pipeline. This has sparked fears that some European countries could be forced to ration energy during the winter.

Uniper, Germany’s biggest gas importer, has been hit hard by reduced gas flow through the pipeline from Russia, which has triggered price spikes.
The German government previously agreed in July to bail out Uniper by providing 15 billion euros ($14.9 billion) in aid to rehabilitate the company’s finances. Maubach said Tuesday that some details still need to be finalized regarding the stabilization package.
The cessation of Russian supply via Nord Stream 1 and a surge in European gas prices are likely to exacerbate the situation for the company. Uniper shares were 3.5% lower Tuesday morning. Shares registered in down more than 88% year to date.

Collapsed Partnership with Gazprom

Gazprom’s announcement to shut down gas flows to Europe indefinitely comes shortly after the G7 backed Russia’s plans to curb oil prices. Meanwhile Gazprom said the shutdown was caused by an oil leak in the turbine.