Cloudflare for family

Cloudflare Brings Free DNS For Windows and macOS

CloudFlare has officially launched a new family-friendly version of its DNS service called for families which can be used to block malware and Cloudflare’s Free DNS can also prevent kids from viewing adult content on online media.

By configuring their device or gateway to use a DNS resolver, users can protect themselves from websites that display malware. Parents can also use DNS Resolver to protect their children from malware and adult content.

While was released for families in good faith, CloudFlare’s adult content filtering configuration ended up preventing users from visiting some gay and sexual education sites. Matthew Prince, CEO of CloudFlare, said in a statement to The Register, that the company is currently fixing the bug, saying:

  • Cloudflare launches new WARP VPN
  • Firefox by default releases encrypted DNS over HTTPS
  • Chrome, Firefox and Cloudflare add HTTP/3 protection

“It was a very fatal error and we fixed it as quickly as possible. We use various external classification services for Internet rankings. Our goal is to do something similar to “Google Safe Search” and there are several categories that are included in adult topics by service providers which we missed when we reviewed them.

WARP beta for Windows and macOS

In addition to for the family, CloudFlare also announced that it will be rolling out a WARP beta for macOS and Windows. The company launched a new VPN service called WARP last year, which is now available under the app for iOS and Android to help secure and speed up Internet connections.

CloudFlare announced its beta with WARP in April 2018, but the company took the company to the end of September before opening it to public availability. Fortunately, Coming soon will be songs for Windows and macOS.

The WARP client for Windows and macOS uses the Wireguard protocol to secure Internet connections and protect users from snooping by ISPs. Also, just like WARP on the phone app, basic services will also be free on macOS and Windows.

CloudFlare also revealed that they plan to build a WARP client for Linux once the rest of the desktop versions are complete. We also continue to provide the best free and public Cloudflare DNS servers