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8 Differences Between Stocks and Crypto You Should Know

Stocks are still an instrument
investment and trading that is popular today. However, since cryptocurrency
gaining popularity, many are also starting to look at Bitcoin and Altcoins. Especially,
when the cryptocurrency price spike in 2020 made many try to enter
to some cryptos.

Before stock traders

try cryptocurrency, there are several points that must be understood. You see,
the character of stocks with cryptocurrencies is very different. Then, what are the differences
stocks with cryptocurrencies?

Trading Time

The most differentiating thing
is trading time. For those who are used to trading stocks on the Stock Exchange
Indonesia, the trading time is only Monday-Friday. Time too
divided into two sessions, at 09:00 WIB – 11:30 WIB and session 2 at 13:30 –
14:50 WIB. That is, traders already know that the time is the most busy for transactions
only during those hours.

Unlike stocks,

crypto market open during hours and 7 days aka never a day off. With
At that time, the stock trading strategy with crypto was different.

For example, trading crypto

must also look at the times that are busy trading. You see, the price will
move more when transactions go up. Usually, busy trading during the day
active in the United States (US) and Europe, from early morning to early morning in

Transaction Unit

If stock transactions
in Indonesia, traders must make transactions of at least 1 lot or 100 pieces.
That is, if the share price is Rp. 1,000 per share, it means that the minimum capital
issued in the amount of IDR 100,000 per lot.

Unlike crypto,

indeed the price of Bitcoin can be up to hundreds of millions of rupiah, Ethereum is tens of millions
rupiah. However, don’t be afraid, small capital traders can still trade with
buy the smallest fraction. For Bitcoin, you can buy up to 8 decimal places.

Trading Platforms

The character of the stock trading platform with crypto too
different. For stocks, traders can trade by becoming customers crypto, traders
can make transactions via crypto exchanges such as, Binance, Pintu,
Tokocrypto, Indodax, and others. Then, for crypto storage, traders or
hodler can also store in crypto wallet applications such as Metamask and other.

Transaction Fee

For the imposition of fees
transactions are also different, stocks usually charge a transaction fee for transactions
buy and sell at a rate of about 0.3 percent per transaction. For quantity
fee figures will be different for each security.

Unlike stocks,

Transaction fees in crypto have quite a variety of schemes according to the exchange that is used
used. However, the majority of exchanges will charge a transaction fee
for making money at different rates as well.


Well, the volatility that
be the biggest differentiator between stocks and crypto. Stocks, especially in
Indonesia, has a volatility capping mechanism when the market is not
controlled, such as through up and down auto rejection to trading halts,
namely the temporary suspension of trading. It means, can be more
awake if there is a drastic decrease or increase.

Unlike stocks,

crypto has no such volatility control. So, the price of crypto
will move according to supply and
demands. That’s what makes crypto can go up or down drastically.


From a connection point of view,
stock transactions may be restricted to an exchange in one country. For example, traders
Foreigners who want to try to buy shares in Indonesia must comply with the regulations in Indonesia
Indonesia is like, creating a securities account in the country.

For cryptos,

the connection is not limited between countries. That is, the number of traders who can
more transactions.


Many think crypto has no fundamentals. In fact, the fact is that crypto also has
fundamentals that can be seen from the whitepaper
or some kind of prospectus in stock. Whitepaper
it contains about crypto project development roadmap, from map
With that development, crypto traders and investors can see how good it is
the prospect of the crypto.
Of course, This is a bit different from stock. You see, when it comes to stocks, the fundamentals are seen
of its financial performance. If the condition is a lot of debt and loss, that means
fundamentals are not good.


Cryptocurrencies indeed
has a decentralized mission, but when it wants to operate in a country
still have to follow the rules. Indonesia itself legalizes cryptocurrency
as a commodity not a means of payment. For that, cryptocurrencies are in
under CoFTRA. On the other hand, stocks which are included in financial instruments are in the
under the OJK regulator.

How? Do you understand the difference between stocks and crypto?
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