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5 Stocks That Often Divide Dividends, What’s Up?

Some people invest in stocks because they want to have a steady income in the form of dividends. However, companies are not required to pay dividends to shareholders. This is because only companies that make profits generally distribute dividends.
So it’s not surprising that many often ask for leaks about stocks that often pay dividends. If you are a dividend hunter, maybe you are one of them too. Well, for those who need a reference, you must read this article to the end, OK! You see, we will explore 5 stocks that have consistently distributed dividends for the last 5 years.
Is there anything about? Curious right? Just check the list of stocks that are diligent in distributing dividends below along with the latest company’s financial performance.

Stocks That Often Divide Dividends

GEMS (PT Golden Energy Mines Tbk)

In 2021 GEMS distributed interim dividends three times in May Rp186.05 per share, August Rp146.29 per share, and December Rp145.28 per share The last one was paid in January 2022 worth Rp265.9 per share. The total is US$330 million.
The final dividend for the 2021 financial year was distributed last June amounting to US$25 million or Rp366.47 billion with a value per share of US$0.00425 or equivalent to Rp62.3 per share. Meanwhile, the interim dividend for the 2022 fiscal year was also distributed in the same month worth US$0.00204 or equivalent to Rp297.36 per share.
During the first quarter of 2022, GEMS posted a profit of US$ 133.44 million, up 35.2% compared to the first quarter of 2021 which only reached US$ 98.69 million. Its revenue also grew 41.41% year-on-year to US$539.12 million.

BSSR (PT Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk)

The stock that often pays the next dividend is BSSR. BSSR distributed dividends for the 2020 financial year in June 2021 in the amount of US$40 million or Rp.222.77 per share. The first interim dividend for the 2021 financial year will be distributed in September 2021 in the amount of US$39 million or Rp212.55 per year Meanwhile, the second interim dividend was distributed last January worth US$60 million or Rp348.9 per share. BSSR’s shareholders received the final dividend last May worth Rp411.04 per share.
In the first quarter of 2022, BSSR posted a 160% increase in net profit compared to the same period last year of US$9.52 million to US$0.75 million. Revenue grew 42.6% from US$82.5 million to US$117.7 million.

TOWR (PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk)

Furthermore, there is TOWR which will distribute dividends twice in 2021. The final dividend of Rp1.1 trillion from the 2020 net profit will be distributed in June 2021 to shareholders worth Rp22 per share. Then in December 2021 interim dividends were distributed with a total amount of IDR 306.08 billion or IDR 6 per share.
Meanwhile, the final dividend for the 2021 financial year is given in the amount of Rp. 24.1 with the condition that the previous interim dividend is calculated. So that the remaining dividend per share paid is Rp. 18.1 shares with a total amount of Rp901.36 billion.
TOWR recorded a net profit of Rp854 billion in the first quarter of 2022 or grew 8.2% compared to the same period the previous year of Rp789 billion. This is in line with revenue which jumped 33.8% from Rp1.95 trillion to Rp2.61 billion.

ITMG (PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk)

This issuer is also one of the stocks that often pays dividends. In 2021, dividends from ITMG will be distributed twice. First, the final dividend for the financial year 2020 of US$22.8 million or equivalent to Rp307 per share in April 2021. Second, the interim dividend for the financial year 2021 of US$94.1 million or Rp1,218 per share in November 2021. ITMG provides the final dividend last April amounted to US$332.9 million or equivalent to Rp3,040 per share.
Throughout the first half of 2022 ITMG scored a brilliant performance where its net profit skyrocketed 291.7% from US$117.62 million to US$460.82 million. This increase is in line revenue reached US$1.42 billion, an increase of 110.20% compared to the same period last year of only US$676.30 million.

ADRO (PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk)

Following that, there is ADRO which has consistently distributed dividends for the last 5 years. This coal issuer distributed a total dividend of US$146.81 million or Rp.66.28 per share from the 2020 financial year in May 2021. Then the interim dividend for the 2021 financial year was US$350 million or Rp160.16 per share which was paid in early 2022. Meanwhile, the final dividend was distributed in the amount of US$300 million or Rp.141.39 per share last May.
For additional information, ADRO recorded a 457% growth in net profit in the second quarter of 2022 from US$71.74 million in the same period in 2021 to US$400.07 million. ADRO also posted revenue of US$1.22 billion. This figure is up 77.13% from the same period in 2021 of only US$691.97 million.

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