international and overseas travel insurance

5 best international and overseas travel insurance

When traveling abroad, you should pay attention to getting travel insurance for traveling abroad. This insurance can protect you from various risks such as product delays, losses and accidents.

There are also many companies in Indonesia that provide foreign travel insurance documents. You may be confused about which insurance product to choose because it offers reasonable premiums and comprehensive benefits.

For this reason, in this case, we explain several choices of travel insurance recommendations for overseas travel. Basically it is the best and provides security to make your international travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

The best and most trusted recommendation for overseas travel insurance

Here are some recommendations for the best and most trusted overseas travel insurance in Indonesia. Soon you will hear a lot of options for insurance products shown below.

1. AXA Perjalanan Travel Insurance

AXA Mandiri Bima is the best overseas travel insurance option that you can choose. The product is called AXA Travel Insurance and has several advantages:

The age of the customer can range from 1 to 85 years. Travel insurance for Schengen visas, non-Schengen countries, ASEAN countries as well as domestic travel. Medical and personal accident coverage during travel Travel delay coverage Credit card abuse coverage Lost baggage coverage Emergency phone replacement

2. International Travel Insurance

Another international travel insurance that you can recommend is Chubb Travel Insurance International. There are many benefits of the premiums we pay each month and they are listed below.

equivalent Look for overseas travel insurance for business or pleasure with a larger policy limit. There are many important benefits including post-flight medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation from overseas, baggage loss or damage on board, and medical coverage. Even the cost of rubbing. Chubb Travel Insurance Indonesia’s $2.6 billion partner hospitals are also spread around the world. You can get foreign health insurance quotes at very reasonable prices.

3. Magna International Tour

Followed by MAG Bima for a trip abroad, MAGNA Wisata Internasional. The various benefits they offer, mainly in US dollars, are listed below.

Schengen travel insurance premiums range from $10 to $60 for the Asia region and $18 to $96 for the global region. It is suitable for those of you who are looking for travel insurance with low premiums to cover delays, cancellations, and reimbursement of overseas travel expenses. Travel 1-2500 USD Flight delay compensation 100-250 USD Overbooking compensation 100-250 USD Lost or damaged baggage compensation USD 250-500 Baggage delay compensation USD 100-250 Health risks during travel vary depending on baggage

4. Allianz New Travel Pro

Another great international travel insurance product from Allianz is the new TravelPRO. What benefits can we get? Here you will find a complete list.

Schengen visa travel insurance, customer age from 18 to 64 years, children, customer age from 14 days to 17 years, suitable for traveling abroad because the limit is relatively high. . There is no limit on medical expense coverage of up to IDR 70 million for flight cancellations and changes to inpatient coverage outside a government hospital for up to 60 days. To continue treatment in home country Rs. 21 million to cover closing costs rupee. 15 million flight delay coverage with a maximum baggage delay coverage of Rs. up to 1 million

5. Travel First Sompo

You can get other best travel insurance recommendations from Sompo Insurance. The product name is Travel First, they offer the best insurance deals with the following benefits.

Maximum age of customers Adults Children under 70 years Children aged 21 to 25 years Foreigners and foreign Indonesian citizens and Indonesian citizens who wish to travel abroad Compensation for lost or delayed baggage or personal belongings Accident insurance Compensation for traffic accidents


Thus our explanation of the best foreign travel insurance recommendations that you can choose in Indonesia. This instruction is for reference only, the rest is guaranteed Purchase on demand with interest in installments.