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5 Best Accident Insurance With Full Benefits

The best personal accident insurance is insurance that provides compensation if the customer experiences the risk of an accident. Starting from death, permanent disability, and medical treatment costs.

The risk referred to here is the risk of bodily injury. This includes work accidents or even minor accidents such as a traffic accident or tripping over the bathroom.

The best personal accident insurance is divided into several options. For example, accident insurance, industrial accident insurance, aviation accident insurance, and car accident insurance.


The most important recommendation for personal accident insurance in Indonesia

For those of you who want protection from the risk of accidents, we provide some of the best recommendations for personal accident insurance. Check out the recommendations below.


1. Adira Protecu Basic

Adira Bima is number one in terms of accident insurance services. Producer This means, Adira Protectu Basic, we can get various benefits, namely:

Premium Rp. 100 thousand/year, insurance entry age is in the range of 17-60 years. The minimum age of the policyholder is 17 years. Accident insurance for the insured and his wife. Coverage for damage to property and home furnishings. The magnitude of the benefit in the event of a rubbing death. 20 million. Permanent disability compensation in the amount of 10,000,000 rubles. 20 million. House fire compensation Rp. 5 million rupiah. Even compensation for theft. 1 million dollars


2. BCA Life B-Save Accident Protection

Another recommended insurance is BCA Life’s self-protection product. This product is called B-Save Accident Protection and there are some special offers to get you started.

Premiums start from IDR 188.5 thousand per month. The insured’s registration age is 16-59 years. The maximum coverage period is up to 10 years. 200 million people died due to illness 100% premium borne by BCA Life Cover Covering medical expenses at the hospital Rs. 2 million


3. BRI Life Care

BRI Life also offers personal accident protection called BRI Life Acci Care. This product is the best in Indonesia because of its large replacement coverage.

Insured registration starts from the age of 18-64 years. The age of the insured is between 18 and 64 years. Total permanent disability and partly due to accident Rp. Compensation 1 billion for surgery or hospital surgery. Compensation for death due to various diseases


4. ACA Insurance

ACA AsuransiKu can also be a personal protection policy that you can buy. For those who are curious, here are some of the benefits: Especially with regard to cheap insurance premiums.

Premiums start from only IDR 50,000 per year. Micro Insurance Products Micro insurance products can be purchased in the form of vouchers from Pegadian. The age of joining the insured is from 17 to 64 years. Death compensation IDR 30 million Permanent disability compensation IDR 30 million


5. Allianz . Personal Care

Allianz Indonesia is one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia. Like Allianz Personal Care Accident and Personal Care insurance, the products are guaranteed to be the best.

Premium Rp. Only 400 thousand per year, and the insurance period is 15 days and 60 years. The maximum entry age is 65 years. Compensation in case of death of Rp. 50 million. The compensation for permanent disability due to an accident is up to Rp. 50 million. $1 Million Alternative to Medical Expense Insurance. 150,000 Funeral Fee Rs. 500,000 75,000 per day with a medical fee of Rs 25 crore. rupee. 750,000 rupees third party liability insurance. 100,000 ATM protection



Thus our discussion of the best personal accident insurance in Indonesia. We hope this is your recommendation before you decide to take out an accident insurance policy with any company.



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