How to Check IMEI on a Xiaomi cellphone

4 Ways to Check Xiaomi Redmi IMEI Online is Registered or Not

How to Check IMEI on a Xiaomi cellphone

How to check Xiaomi IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a special identification number used to identify a cell phone.

IMEI will show the authenticity of our smartphone. Although in the settings or about the cellphone we will be able to see the IMEI, but that does not mean that the IMEI is original and officially registered with the Ministry of Industry.

This is very important to know, considering that IMEI is one of the aspects that makes smartphones officially available in Indonesia. If our IMEI is not official or fake, it can be said that the cellphone we bought is pirated.

Therefore, on this occasion we will explain how to check it. IMEI can be checked through the official Xiaomi website, settings, or directly at the Ministry of Industry.

How to Check IMEI of Xiaomi Redmi MIUI

Following a full review on how to check and find out the IMEI of a Xiaomi Redmi smartphone with the MIUI operating system. It can be seen directly in the review below.

1. Secret Code

The easiest way to find out the Xiaomi IMEI accurately is to use the Xiaomi secret code. This code can be tried on all Xiaomi smartphones. Here’s the complete way.

  • First, please open the Phone/Dial Phone menu on your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • The next step is to press the IMEI secret code, which is *#06#.
  • Press the Call button, or sometimes after you enter the number, the IMEI number will immediately appear.
  • Please note down the IMEI number, for further purposes. For example, to check your Xiaomi cellphone is original or not.

2. Xiaomi cellphone box

On the back of the purchase box or Xiaomi cellphone box, there is usually a special sticker that contains information about the cellphone. On certain Xiaomi, there are two IMEI numbers, namely IMEI SIM 1 and IMEI SIM 2.

In addition to IMEI, there is also a complete type of Xiaomi cellphone listed. also RAM, ROM, processor, year and country of manufacture, and many other features.

3. Settings Menu

On Xiaomi smartphones that use the MIUI operating system, you can check the IMEI number easily through the settings menu or Settings. Here are the steps.

  • First, please open the MIUI Settings.
  • You can go through the top menu.
  • Next, swipe down, then select the About Phone menu.
  • There you will see the Status column.
  • Please open it, then tap IMEI Information again. Write down the IMEI number, if you want to know the authenticity of the Xiaomi cellphone after this.

4. Third Party Apps

Finally, we can use third-party applications, one of which is IMEI Checker. However, apart from these frequently used applications, there are several other applications that we can use, including the following.

  • Check IMEI.
  • IMEI Info.
  • Free IMEI Checker.
  • And others.

Checking IMEI Registered or Not

After knowing the Xiaomi IMEI, you can check it registered or not either with Xiaomi or the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin). Here are the steps.

1. Via Xiaomi

To find out the authenticity of your Xiaomi cellphone, please open the official Xiaomi website at The next step, enter the IMEI number in the IMEI or S/N column. verification code, then click Verify. Then you can see information related to your Xiaomi cellphone, if the IMEI entered is genuine.

2. Through the Ministry of Industry

First, you can first open the site, at The next step, please enter the Xiaomi IMEI number there. Press the Search button to search for it. If the IMEI code you entered is genuine, the HP information will appear there.


Enough of our complete discussion on how to check the imei of a xiaomi cellphone. Hopefully it helps you to find out whether your smartphone is official or not circulating in the country.