Recommended Cheap CCTV Quality

4 Best Recommended Cheap CCTV Quality

Quality cheap CCTV. A CCTV camera device can now be purchased at a low price. Naturally, competition in this industry is very tight, especially in Indonesia.

So that many well-known CCTV companies in the world and Indonesia are competing to create CCTV that is multifunctional, but still prioritizes competitive prices in the community.

Currently, there are many cheap quality CCTV that we can buy online and offline. CCTV can also be installed anywhere, both for outdoor and indoor needs.

Here, we will recommend several lists of quality cheap CCTV camera brands. You can listen to the full review in the following discussion below.

Understanding CCTV

CCTV or Closed-circuit Television is hardware needed to view footage from an area or location. CCTV has been widely used as a standard security protocol in a number of locations.

A number of places that include CCTV cameras, including parking lots, shopping centers, supermarkets, karaoke places, universities, schools, offices, restaurants, dining rooms at crossroads, and so on.

CCTV also includes not only cameras, but monitors, DVRs, SD cards as storage memory, monitors to display real time video recordings, to CCTV cables to connect everything.

CCTV there are expensive and there are cheap, it all depends on the quality and resolution of the resulting video recording. But not everything that is expensive has better quality than the cheaper one.

List of Cheap Quality CCTV Brands

Here are some cheap CCTV camera brands but do you have high quality and can you refer references if you want to install CCTV, but only limited budget, please refer to the following explanation:

1. Honeywell CCTV VDC-350PI Vista

Honeywell CCTV VDC-350PI Vista is a CCTV camera produced by Sony, with 1/3 “Sony Super” sensor which makes the resulting image very clear and clear, the recorded video will not be blurry even if the recording is done for a long period of time.

This cheap CCTV camera is priced starting from Rp. 300 thousand, has the advantage of an infrared sensor that makes this CCTV camera able to record optimally, even in conditions without light at night.


This cheap SCRIAM SP009 has the advantage of plug and play installation so that it can be easily installed and connected to a smartphone. In addition, SCRIAM SP009 works with a high processor and records HD quality images.

This cheap CCTV camera is designed to be installed indoors or indoors because it is small and small, this CCTV is very suitable to be installed in the corner of the room. The price of this camera varies from Rp. 475 000.

3. IP Fisheye Panoramic

IP Fisheye Panoramic is a CCTV camera that has a shape like a lamp, this unique model is suitable to be installed on the roof of the room for those who want to CCTV cameras are in the form of lights so they don’t interfere with the view.

This CCTV camera might make people not realize there is CCTV in the room, because it looks very much like a lamp. For the quality itself, you don’t need to doubt this surveillance camera at a price of Rp. 200 thousand, because it can record video and detect if there is any suspicious movement.

  1. Panoramic FB03

Panoramic FB03 is one of the light model CCTV cameras. You can see for yourself in the photo above that this CCTV camera is really shaped like an ordinary light bulb, anyone who sees it for the first time will definitely not notice it.

In addition, the advantage of this CCTV camera is that the Panoramic FB03 is equipped with a 360-degree swivel function so that we can see more in the corner of the room. For the price, this camera is priced at only Rp. 300 thousand.


Thus a complete discussion of cheap quality cctv brands. Hopefully this information can add to our insight to know camera brand recommendations best quality cheap.