Clarify CCTV Videos

3 Ways to Clarify CCTV Videos of All Brands

How to clarify CCTV videos. CCTV has now become a device that is growing very rapidly. In the past it might only be able to monitor blurry videos, but now there are many CCTVs that have Full HD recording features.

However, if the CCTV device is old, it usually only supports 480p or 360p video quality, so maybe the resulting display is also less than optimal. Even in some conditions, Full HD CCTV also sometimes appears blurry.

So of course there must be tips or ways to clarify CCTV footage. But before going into the main discussion, let’s look at the causes of the CCTV video being unclear or blurry first.

The Cause of the CCTV Video is Not Clear

Here are some things that cause CCTV videos to be less clear, see the review below.

1. Low Camera Resolution

Some CCTV cameras do have a low resolution. Moreover, if the CCTV camera does not support CMOS and infrared sensors, the image quality will also be bad.

This is usually owned on old CCTV cameras for the latest ones usually support CMOS and infrared. So if you have an old CCTV camera, don’t blame the CCTV camera if it can’t display images with maximum quality.

2. Low Resolution Settings

CCTV that has a high resolution also sometimes displays a blurry image because by default it is set to display a low resolution to save resources. So, CCTV settings are set low, of course the image quality is less than optimal.

Usually the new CCTV outputs have a resolution of 1080p, 4K, or even 8K, but don’t be confused if the video display is not what we expected. The reason is, the CCTV camera has been set to display low-quality video only.

How to Make Clear CCTV Videos

To clarify CCTV footage, there are several ways and tips that can be done. In this way the CCTV video is guaranteed to be clearer, clearer, blurry, sharp, no lag, not broken.

1. Increase Output Resolution on DVR

By increasing the output resolution on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), the CCTV video display will also be sharper and clearer. Another thing to note is that the monitor resolution must also support high resolution.

Because if the monitor also has a low quality, it’s the same as making the CCTV video footage blurry. Although previously CCTV cameras have been set in high resolution.

For example, if the monitor only supports 4K resolution, while we set CCTV at 8K resolution, then what is displayed on the monitor screen is only 4K quality, according to the monitor screen resolution.

2. Raise Camera Sharpen

The second solution to sharpen or clear CCTV camera videos is to increase CCTV camera sharpening. Sharpen is the sharpness of the image, the sharper the image, the clearer the video is displayed.

But sharpen can’t be set too high, because if it’s too high obviously), it will hurt our eyes. The reason is, sharpening that is too high will actually make the image look blurry.

Generally, the way to do that is by right-clicking on the CCTV channel on the DVR, then looking for the sharpen setting and increasing it so that the video is sharper and clearer. Usually this is different for each DVR.

3. Add Contrast

Lastly is to add contrast, this can be the right way to increase the light of the image to make it more dominant. This serves so that the dominant color can be sharpened with a lighter color.

Contrast is the difference in color in a photo or video. This refers to the difference between dark and light colors. So, contrast can also be interpreted as a light problem that often appears, including on CCTV cameras.

The contrast settings are also the same as sharpen, on each DVR the location of the menu can be different. So, you just have to adjust it according to the type of DVR, whether Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic, CP Plus, Avtech, or something else. Does CCTV Turn On When Lights Off or Not


So a brief discussion on how to clarify the results of CCTV videos, hopefully this simple tutorial can help. Especially for those who want to make the CCTV video footage clearer.