10 Requirements to Become a Lawyer,Attorney You Need to Prepare
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10 Requirements to Become a Lawyer,Attorney You Need to Prepare

The lawyer profession is synonymous with high salaries because it plays an important role in defending criminal or civil cases experienced by clients. However, lawyers must remain obedient to professional ethics and provide legal advice to people from underprivileged groups for free in accordance with applicable law procedures. If you want to become a lawyer after graduating from S1 Law, then make sure you meet the requirements to become a lawyer.

The following are the requirements to become a lawyer that must be met by law graduates, namely:

1. Have the status of an Indonesian citizen
This is an absolute requirement that cannot be contested by prospective lawyers in Indonesia.

2. Domiciled in Indonesia
You live in the territory of Indonesia, so you can apply as a candidate for a top lawyer in an advocate organization or open a practice in accordance with applicable permits.

3. No civil servant status
Lawyers do not have the status of civil servants or state officials in certain institutions.

4. Minimum age 25 years old
Minimum age limit is 25 years by the Constitutional Court in accordance with the Law on Advocates article 3 paragraph 1.

5. Have a Bachelor of Law education
A bachelor’s degree in Law with general or more specific majors is allowed, for example Islamic Sharia Law, Military Law and others.

6. Pass the exam held by the Advocate organization
Prospective lawyers cannot immediately become lawyers if they do not continue with the Special Advocate Profession Education carried out by the relevant advocate organizations.

7. Internship for two years
Prospective lawyers who pass the PKPA exam must undergo a two-year internship process in an advocate organization.

8. Not committing a crime
This must be understood by S1 Law graduates who dream of becoming lawyers, so they must ensure that they are clean and obey the law, aka not committing a crime with a penalty of 5 years or longer than that sentence.

9. Must have a good personality
An important requirement for a lawyer who must have a good personality, be honest, have great responsibility, be fair, and high integrity at work. It is not surprising that lawyers must have good communication skills, good reasoning, logic, aggressiveness, and other relevant attitudes to defend clients in court.

10. Obliged to defend the lower class people who are experiencing legal problems free of charge
This is in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 83 of 2003 that lawyers must help underprivileged people who need legal assistance at no cost.

Becoming a lawyer is not easy because you must have a high dedication to professional ethics. You must defend or provide legal advice to clients who are experiencing problems, both criminal or civil to the fullest, indiscriminately from upper class people to lower class people. Make sure you have prepared the requirements to become a lawyer so that you can get a bright future while helping others who need legal advice, yes!