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$10 Capital Can Start Crypto Trading at NordFX – Best Cryptocurrency Broker

Best Cryptocurrency Broker, Ever thought of buying 1 Bitcoint for $150, or Ethereum for $15? Yes, at NordFX Company everything can come true which allows you to invest in Bitcoin for only $150 even though in July 2020 the price rose to $11,000.
NordFX has the best offers for you to trade on the top 11 Cryptocurrencies and guarantee high profits. You can start trading Ethereum with only $15, EOS – $0.3 and the most interesting thing is that 1 Ripple only costs 2 US cents.

About NordFX Broker

NordFX is one of the most experienced international brokers in the financial markets and has earned more than 50 professional awards. Founded in 2008, NordFX already has various services for trading such as forex, gold, Crypto, oil, stocks and basic stock indices such as the Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei and many others.

4 Easy Steps to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies at NordFX

With In the method below, you can immediately trade the world’s most popular Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DashCoin and others. Start Trading Crypto on NordFX with these 4 steps:

The first step is to create an account. Then download the trading terminal on your Smartphone or Laptop/PC. Deposit to start trading on a real account. Start trading and get high profits. 8 Differences NordFX with Conventional Crypto Exchanges?

1. NordFX offers the best service which some call a cutting edge technology breakthrough and a real revolution in Crypto trading. NordFX experts correctly analyze the claims of traders and investors on cryptocurrency exchanges and come up with solutions that are free from most of their shortcomings.

2. NordFX allows you to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for any period you want like weeks, months, years, 10 or 100 years with active trading and making transfers every minute You want.

3. You will benefit from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, according to the current situation. So it doesn’t matter if the price drops to zero, you can still take profit. Also, to sell cryptocurrency (open a short position), you don’t need coins. This is possible due to the use of Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading. It has been used for trading in the stock market, forex and commodity markets for a very long time.

4. With margin trading, a type of loan that NordFX provides to its users instantly without any collateral, you are free to open positions or invest in Crypto currencies at lower prices (50-70 times lower than the market price). So, to open 1 bitcoin transaction, you need $150, to trade 1 ethereum – only $15, and for 1 Ripple – $0.02 (see table below):

5. The minimum deposit you need to make at NordFX is only $10. You can deposit with USD, Bitcoin and Ethereum, anything You. Indonesian customers can top up accounts in Vietnamese dong via Ngan Luong instantly and without commission.

6. Unique and secure customer funds. NordFX promises you reliable and efficient trading through stable server and platform operations, along with secure data transmission using updated security technologies. The company guarantees you 100% protection from hacker attacks. There has not been a single incident of attack in its 12 years of business, unlike Crypto currency exchanges, and not a single customer has ever lost a penny.

7. NordFX allows you to trade Cryptocurrencies 24/7 and 365 days a year.

8. For Vietnam, NordFX offers a 24/5 support service which has also received the Forex Expo – 2016 Award for Best Customer Service.
Want to Become a NordFX Client?

With more than 10 successful years in the financial markets, NordFX which is an International Brokerage company has clients from 190 countries and the number of accounts opened in more than 1,500,000.

NordFX has also received 50 professional awards and there are 5 awards for the best achievements in Crypto trading, namely:

Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2019 (Fxdailyinfo Awards)
Best Crypto 2018 Broker (MasterForex-V Expo)
Most Trusted CryptoCurrency Broker 2018 (Global Brands Awards)
Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies 2018 (International Business Magazine)
Best Broker In Asia Crypto 2017 (Forex Awards Ratings)

In 2020 also NordFX received several awards such as:

AtoZ Markets Award Best Managed Account Platform
World Business Confederation Award, THE BIZZ Business Excellence Award
IAFT Best Cryptocurrency Broker Award
Asia’s Best Broker IAFT Award
Masterforex-V Academy of the Most Reliable Broker in the World
Best Affiliate Program Forex Award Ranking
Middle East Best Forex Broker Award

So, don’t hesitate to choose NordFX as your financial trading place

Reasons to Choose NordFX For Crypto Trading
The first way to choose a Crypto trading broker is to get an award in its field and NordFX has earned that International award.
No need to have a Crypto wallet, you can easily deposit funds in USD, then buy/sell in Cryptocurrencies and withdraw the profits in USD.
NordFX gives clients access to various markets in just 1 account: currency pairs, crypto currency pairs, metals, CFD Indices and stocks.
You can also discover new opportunities or the most innovative services such as DeFi Investments, investment funds, Copy trading, and PAMM.
Trading can also be done easily because NordFX can be accessed from all devices (Smartphones and PCs/laptops).
So, don’t hesitate to choose NordFX as your financial trading place, CLICK HERE to create an account and start trading Crypto right away.

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